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Joel: “I adore her. She’s so awesome. Beautiful. And uh…sweet.”

Liz: “Joel Gretsch…I mean…what he seems like is what he is. He’s the sweetest man! Oh, I’m lucky.”

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3 years ago on 13 April 2011 @ 3:17pm 52 notes

WonderCon: Videos and interviews about Erica, Jack and other characters

Since there are some interviews and videos where Elizabeth and the crew talked about Jack and Erica (individually and together) I’m going to list all of them here so it will be easier for you to find them.

Attention: The material in this post contains spoilers for season 3 (if we get any), so if you don’t want to get spoiled, get out of here (but “like” the post anyway :P)

All right! Let’s start.

Article about the finale and some deleted scenes, including a scene between Jack and Erica (the one we were flailing about yesterday)

At WonderCon 2011, V star Elizabeth Mitchell talks working with Marc Singer, Erica losing everything, plus Hobbes and Jack YouTube video, She talks about Jack individually, too! And she said he has a great body :P (But we already knew that)

Elizabeth talking about the HOT men on the show There’s not really so much about Jack here,but it’s funny

Comments on V facebook page talking about season 3 and couple of deleted scenes with Hobbes

Interview: Elizabeth talks about how Jack can help her keeping her soul intact (plus other things about Erica)

Article: Erica finding out about Hobbes and wanting revenge, Erica and Jack relationship could be explored in season 3 (*flails*)

So, that would be it… I think! I will add some more (in a new post) if I find anything else!

This WonderCon was great! I really hope V gets renewed for a third season!

If not, we will have the scenes on the DVDs to cheer ourselves up!

Please reblog to spread the news!

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